She's here!

    *For those in a hurry, read the underlined text!

    We're so excited to introduce you to our daughter!

    Gianna Sage Bloemendaal
    Born August 7th, 2021
    20.5 inches
    8 lbs 4 oz
    Zeeland, MI

    Gianna came into this world faster than we could have ever imagined! Kara woke up early Saturday morning with intense contractions and by noon Gianna was in our arms.  We are so thankful for a safe and successful birth, and have the amazing staff at Zeeland Community hospital to thank for that!

    Name Meaning:
    Gianna - Italian for "God is gracious", a concept that has been ever present in this season of life for us
    Sage - after the plant, which loves the light and aids in healing


    P R E - B A B Y   U P D A T E S

    Our time in Michigan so far has been amazing. We have been able to soak up time with family and friends, return to our home church congregation, and show Silas around the areas we know and love! We have been living in an RCA house in Holland, and have access to it until the end of the year. This is a HUGE blessing, as we don't have to worry about finding a rental for the ambiguous amount of time, and we are able to spread out and get comfortable with having our own home. Silas has loved getting to know our loved ones even better (grandparents babysitting is a whole new amazing world for us!), watching cars and trucks drive by the house, and doing anything outside. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on August 4th and Silas will be 2 years old on September 5, we can't believe it! We have been able to utilize our time here to work closely with CCCD's US office in Zeeland. Pat is now overseeing the short-term missionary program for CCCD, and has been heading up a revamp of all the paperwork and processes related to LIFE teams that come to CCCD. Kara has continued coordination the Transition Program from afar, with successful Readiness Courses still being held each month at the Village - most recently a Health and Nutrition course in July. Additionally, she has been able to assist with administrative work in the office - something she really loves doing (seriously).


    F A M I L Y   O F   F O U R

    What a special season for our family! Kara is healing well,  Pat is soaking in being a girl dad, Gianna is healthy as can be, and Silas has fully embraced his new role of big brother. He has been incredibly sweet and helpful with her, loves sharing his toys and always has to know what she is doing.  We are so grateful for how the transition to four has gone so far and appreciate all the prayers, encouragement, and well-wishes we have received


    R E T U R N   T O   J A M A I C A

    Our pediatrician has encouraged us to stay Stateside for a minimum of three months after birth, which would put us back in Jamaica in mid-November at the earliest. We are maintaining flexibility with this based on how Gianna and Kara are doing as the three-month mark approaches! We are so thankful CCCD has flexibility and that the US head office is in Zeeland, giving us time in the office and the ability to stay very involved in the ministry during this season.

    We plan to keep you all up-to-date as the three month mark approaches, but would also love to see you during this fall!  Please do not hesitate to email if you would like to sit down for coffee (probably only with Pat) and hear about our journey and the ways God continues to be gracious to us!


    Our fourth anniversary dinner at Marro's in Saugatuck. Fun fact: We always go here on our anniversary because it's where we ate the night we got engaged! // Our almost 2-year-old after a bath!

    Prayer requests:

    - PRAISE for a successful labor and delivery
    - PRAISE for the ability to work closely with the CCCD head office and stay involved in the ministry
    - PRAISE for family and friends who love us and support us so well
    - ASK for Gianna's growth and continued health
    - ASK for Kara's healing and rest
    - ASK for protection of the CCCD community in Jamaica from rapidly increasing COVID rates


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