May 2021 Newsletter

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    It's May! Can you believe we're almost halfway through the year? We're missing seeing tulips pop up around Holland, but we did get to enjoy some more visitors this monthWe also are finally ready to share the news many of you have been waiting for...


    G R A N D M A  &  G R A N D P A

    We had an amazing visit with [fully vaccinated] Grandma and Grandpa (Pat's parents) this month! We loved getting to host them, show them around the village, and experience a few days at a resort together. Silas had lots of fun with them playing, showing off his cool skills, and giving them some good old grandson lovin'. We are so blessed to have family that wants to come and visit us here and who support us so well - two visits in one month!! We're the luckiest.

    C O M P U T E R   C O U R S E

    This month, Pat taught a computer training course at the village as part of the Transition Program for residents here. He taught about using Microsoft Office, computer care, typing, and helped the participants create email addresses! This course is foundational for some future courses planned - such as budgeting, online banking, and resume building.


    S T A T E S   T R A V E L

    More specifics on baby below, but we are officially traveling back to West Michigan in mid-June! This is subject to change to an earlier date if doctor's recommend it, which there has been some conversation about. Either way, we will be staying through baby's birth and the first few months of life - we are so grateful and excited for this time, but it will definitely be weird being away from the village for that long. Please be in prayer as we prepare for this time away and huge family transition! While in the States, we will be working with CCCD's US office, as well as focusing on our personal fundraising. We would love to meet with you while we are there to talk more about financial partnering if you are interested! (We would also love to meet with you to hear a bit about what's going on in your life - because, what a year!)

    T E A M S

    A headline we haven't been able to use in far too long! We have been able to utilize the virtual teams that Pat and CCCD's president, Ben, put together to continue to raise awareness for the organization and Deaf around the world. This has been a great opportunity, but the residents here certainly miss teams coming on campus. We are excited with the fast distribution of COVID vaccinations that we have two teams scheduled to visit - one at the end of May, and another in JunePlease be in prayer for these teams visiting as it pertains to COVID safety alongside the excitement in the village.


    K I D D O S

    Silas is nearly 20 months old now - holy cats! His favorite thing is helping: whether it's handing us clothes off the line, pushing his broom around the house, or pushing a stroller around the village (which he insists on doing now instead of riding in it... we say he's preparing to be a big brother). His love for cars and trucks continues to explode, he almost exclusively wants to wear rain boots, and he loved getting spoiled by more grandparents this month!
    As for baby B2...Yes! It's a GIRL! We are over the moon excited to meet this little girly and give Silas a little sister (a concept we are still trying to get used to). We feel so blessed that we get to have both a son and a daughter - wowzers! Kara is now 24 weeks pregnant, and girly is growing perfectly and moving lots - Pat got to feel her kicks this month for the first time! 

    J A M A I C A N I S M S
    Jamaican Patois (or Jamaican Creole) is an English-based creole language with West African influences. It is a local language spoken by most native Jamaicans, particularly in casual conversation, like slang.
    Some examples of Patois are:
    Wah gwaan - a greeting, like "what's up?"
    Nah gwaan - a response to the above, like "nothing much"
    Mi deh yah, yuh know - the trick is to say this one fast, like it's one word. It generally means "I'm doing fine"

    Prayer requests:

    - PRAISE for continued health in the village from COVID-19
    - PRAISE for Baby B2's growth and a healthy, progressing pregnancy
    - PRAISE for a wonderful time with family and smooth, safe travels for them
    - ASK for God's hand in the stop of COVID-19 here (and around the world). Families are desperate for in-person schooling to resume here.

    - ASK for peace and clarity around when we are supposed to return to the States, for the doctors making recommendations, and for continued health of B2 and Kara
    - ASK for clarity surrounding teams coming, and for safety if they do travel to JDV.
    - ASK for patience and endurance for CCCD teachers who are teaching virtually.


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