January 2020 Newsletter

    Hello and Happy New Year from Jamaica! 
    We officially made it on-island January 5, and have been getting settled in our new home since. It has been an absolute whirlwind but we are so excited to finally be here!
    THANK YOU for supporting us in getting to this point!

    S I L A S

    Silas is now 4 months old! He has been adjusting great to the heat, sunshine, and new house. The teams and residents here love interacting with him, and he is incredibly interested in watching people sign! He has begun rolling around in his crib and on the ground, and lately loves taking cool baths out in our front yard (see below).

    W O R K   P E R M I T S

    Praise Jesus! Our work permits were approved a few days into us being on the island, and we have been approved to be in for three years. The Lord showed up in incredible ways with this process, even down to how quickly things went at the Immigration office (think Secretary of State...) 

    2 0 2 0   F U N D I N G

    We successfully raised 100% of our startup costs and are so thankful for the ways you have all supported us! We were blown away by the support we received in the last two months of the year - thank you, thank you, thank you. If you are interested in learning more about our financial needs or giving, visit our website at www.pkbloemendaal.com/give


    T R A N S I T I O N   P A I R - A - D U C K S

    You may recall that we attended Mission Training International in June. One of the concepts we learned about was the emotional paradox faced in this transition. They referred to it as a paradox (“pair-a-ducks”) to explain how we experience two very different emotions at the same time. The idea is that the “yay duck” and the “yuck duck” always swim together, and they are equally important. We wanted to share about this with you because it is very much what we’re feeling these days. We’re incredibly grateful and excited to be here in Jamaica to begin this next chapter God has called us to. At the same time, we miss our family, friends, routine, and familiarity back in the United States. We are trying to be intentional about feeling both of these things, rather than just focusing on one side.

    C O N T A C T

    If you would like to get in contact with us at all, feel free to shoot us an email and we can share our Jamaican phone numbers with you!




    J A M A I C A N I S M S

    We thought it would be fun to share in our newsletters new or funny things we have encountered in Jamaican culture! Last week, Kara went to a store to make some purchases for the house. As it turns out, electronics are non-returnable and so employees test every electronic you want to purchase to make sure that it works! (In this case, a fan and an electric kettle) This definitely adds time at the counter with unwrapping everything, but ultimately is very considerate to ensure you aren’t leaving with a broken or damaged product.


    Prayer requests:
    - For this big adjustment! New house, foods, temperatures, language, neighbors, routines... everything! Silas has been a champ with the transition, but some days are harder than others. Please pray especially for Silas in this transition.
    - Continued good health for us (especially Silas)
    - Opportunities to build relationships with the families and individuals here at the Village
    - For the teams that come down to CCCD, that they would have open hearts for the people and language in addition to what God has for them here
    - For the students and staff at the schools who recently returned from winter break


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